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AgfaPhoto Lithium Coin CR2032 Battery - 5 Pack

AgfaPhoto Lithium Coin CR2032 Battery - 5 Pack

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Exceptional Power

AgfaPhoto Lithium Batteries provide exceptional power to your photography devices with very minimal discharge rate. AgfaPhoto Lithium Batteries from industry leader AgfaPhoto are a must-have for out-of-town trips or important gatherings that require outstanding battery life for documentation purposes.

Perfect for Digital & Analogue Cameras

The AgfaPhoto Lithium Batteries are perfect for digital and analogue cameras and are also suitable for use in other equipment with high performance requirements. Key features include maximum reliability, extremely high security, excellent and consistent voltage release even at low temperatures (down to-40 degrees C), and exceptional performance at room temperature.

For Challenging Photography

AgfaPhoto Lithium Batteries can be best used for extremely challenging photography applications with exceptional results.

Features & Benefits

  • AgfaPhoto Lithium Coin CR2032.
  • Pack of 5 Batteries.
  • Suitable for watches, clocks and hearing aids.
  • Lithium Technology.


  • Item Code : BTA-AGFCR2032B5
  • Item : AgfaPhoto Lithium Coin CR2032 Battery - 5 Pack
  • Brand/Model : AgfaPhoto AGFCR2032B5
  • Weight : 0.022 Kg

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