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AgfaPhoto Alkaline 4LR44 (476A/PX28) 6v Battery

AgfaPhoto Alkaline 4LR44 (476A/PX28) 6v Battery

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Specialized Device Applications

AgfaPhoto Special Batteries provide exceptional power to your gadgets longer than most batteries. AgfaPhoto Special Batteries from industry leader AgfaPhoto provide the performance that you need for specialized device applications.

Long Life, Durable

AgfaPhoto Special Batteries are best used in toys, remote controls, watches, and many more. Expect longer life, consistent power, and value to your money when you use AgfaPhoto Special Batteries in your equipment.

Features & Benefits

  • AgfaPhoto Alkaline 4LR44, 6v Battery.
  • Pack of Single Battery.
  • Long Life and Durable.
  • Perfect for security devices, remote controls, calculators, clocks etc.
  • Ideal for use in keyboard, remote controls, cigarette lighters, photographic equipment.


    • Item Code : BTA-AGF4LR44
    • Item : AgfaPhoto Alkaline 4LR44 (476A/PX28) 6v Battery
    • Brand/Model : AgfaPhoto AGF4LR44
    • Technology Type : Alkaline
    • Battery Size : 4LR44
    • Pack Size : Single Pack
    • Voltage : 6.0 volt
    • Weight : 0.016 Kg

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