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GP Lithium Coin CR2032 Battery - 5 Pack

GP Lithium Coin CR2032 Battery - 5 Pack

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A pack of 5 lithium manganese non-rechargeable 3V coin cells for applications requiring a low quiescent current with an operating temperature of -20C to +60C.

CR2032 lithium button cells are often used in car alarms, PDA's, glucometers, cameras, calculators, computer backup batteries, toys, electronic watches/clocks and many other devices.

With a broad range of applications and a wide range of operating temperatures, GP Lithium Coin batteries are ideal for different makes of cameras, watches, remote controls and other electronic devices.

Features & Benefits

  • Maximum performance.
  • They have a long shelf life of 10 years and are the perfect partner for computers and other sensitive devices.
  • Also known as DL2032, KCR2032, LM2032.
  • This battery is used extensively in miniature electronic equipment, calculators and watches.
  • Commonly used in the DELTA2 Tens Machine and dive computers (Suunto Mosquito & D3) and many common makes of flashing dog collars.


    • Item Code : BTG-GPCR2032B5
    • Item : GP Lithium Coin CR2032 Battery - 5 Pack
    • Brand/Model : GP GPCR2032B5
    • Technology Type : Lithium
    • Battery Size : CR2032
    • Pack Size : 5 Pack
    • Voltage : 3.0 volt
    • Weight : 0.021 Kg

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