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GP Alkaline A76 (LR44) 1.5v Battery

GP Alkaline A76 (LR44) 1.5v Battery

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GP A76 LR44 1.5V Battery is a coin cell shape alkaline battery with a nominal voltage of 1.5V.

The GP A76 LR44 1.5 volt alkaline button cell battery is commonly used in laser pointers, watches, children books, calculators and medical devices.

It also known as 1166A, 280-904, A13, L1154, LR44, RW82, SB-F9, V13GA, AG13, G13-A CNB AG-13, GPA76, L1154F, KA76.

It is also best to use in calculators, pagers, watches, car alarms and many other devices.


  • Item Code : BTG-GPA76
  • Item : GP Alkaline A76 (LR44) 1.5v Battery
  • Brand/Model : GP GPA76
  • Technology Type : Alkaline
  • Battery Size : LR44
  • Pack Size : Single Pack
  • Voltage : 1.5 volt
  • Capacity : 110 mAh
  • Weight : 0.004 Kg

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