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Philips Lithium Coin CR2025 Battery

Philips Lithium Coin CR2025 Battery

Philips PHICR2025 8711500802729 BTP-PHICR2025 32p(Exc VAT)38p(Inc VAT)
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Philips Watch & Coin Batteries provide nothing but reliable and amazing power to precious timepieces and other small devices such as blood sugar monitor, penlights, and many more. When compared to other battery brands, our Philips Watch & Coin Batteries are guaranteed to last longer and perform better, at a reasonable cost.

The cr2025 lithium coin cell is a 3V primary lithium battery. CR2025 lithium coin cell is a 3V Lithium batteries that provides long shelf life for back up energy purposes together with ideal temperature resistance and superior storage capacity. This lithium coin cell battery delivers high-energy density, endurance and reliability while providing long-lasting battery life in a variety of devices.

Features & Benefits

  • Maximum performance.
  • No compromises.
  • Industry-leading warranty.
  • Used in watches, toys, blood sugar monitors and many more.


    • Item Code : BTP-PHICR2025
    • Item : Philips Lithium Coin CR2025 Battery
    • Brand/Model : Philips PHICR2025
    • Technology Type : Lithium
    • Battery Size : CR2025
    • Pack Size : Single Pack
    • Voltage : 3.0 volt
    • Capacity : 140 mAh
    • Weight : 0.100 Kg

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