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Panasonic AAA Evolta Platinum Award - 4 Pack

Panasonic AAA Evolta Platinum Award - 4 Pack

Panasonic PANALR03B4-EVOLTA BTP-AAAPAX4 £1.55(Exc VAT)£1.86(Inc VAT)
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Evolta! The name Evolta originates from evolution + voltage; evolution meaning "growth" and voltage symbolizing "great power". The power is so magnificent that Evolta is recognized by Guinness World Records as the World's "Longest Lasting AA Alkaline Battery Cell" in more devices.

Evolta is the company's 4th generation battery and is powerful in all drain devices. This means that not only does the battery work well in cameras; it works well in flashlights, portable games, radios and toy remote control cars. No matter what the drain is this Evolta battery has you covered. Evolta is the battery that offers that one stop shopping opportunity to you for all your battery needs.

EVOLTA is not only the N° 1 Panasonic Battery.

It outperforms high premium competitors too in commonly accepted industry performance tests.

Features & Benefits

  • Maximum performance.
  • World's No.1 Long Lasting Battery (Guinness World Records).
  • High premium alkaline range.
  • Delivers exceptional performance in low, mid & high drain products.
  • Higher energy efficiency.
  • Outperforms high premium competitors.
  • EVOLTA outperforms high premium competitors in commonly accepted industry performance tests.


    • Item Code : BTP-AAAPAX4
    • Item : Panasonic AAA Evolta Platinum Award - 4 Pack
    • Brand/Model : Panasonic PANALR03B4-EVOLTA
    • Technology Type : Alkaline
    • Battery Size : AAA
    • Pack Size : 4 Pack
    • Voltage : 1.5 volt
    • Capacity : 800 mAh
    • Weight : 0.100 Kg

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