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Energizer CR1616 Coin Lithium Battery

Energizer CR1616 Coin Lithium Battery

Energizer ENERCR1616 PIP1 BTE-ENERCR1616PIP1 £1.24(Exc VAT)£1.49(Inc VAT)
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This high quality Energizer CR 1616 3V lithium coin battery provides superior performace and durability over cheaper unbranded coin cells. They are suitable for a wide variety of items.

Features & Benefits

  • Consumable.
  • Long running time.
  • Raleigh Energizer computer HRM battery.
  • Reliable, dependable power.
  • Used in heart rate monitors, keyless entry, glucose monitors, toys and games.
  • Performs in extreme temperatures from -22 degree F ~ 140 degree F.
  • Holds power for 8 years when not in use.
  • Used in Electronic Lighters, Calculators, Cameras, Watches, Games, Toys.


    • Item Code : BTE-ENERCR1616PIP1
    • Item : Energizer CR1616 Coin Lithium Battery
    • Brand/Model : Energizer ENERCR1616 PIP1
    • Technology Type : Lithium
    • Battery Size : CR1616
    • Pack Size : Single Pack
    • Voltage : 3.0 volt
    • Capacity : 55 mAh
    • Weight : 0.100 Kg

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