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AgfaPhoto 9v Digital Alkaline Battery - Bulk

AgfaPhoto 9v Digital Alkaline Battery - Bulk

AgfaPhoto 9V DIGITAL BTA-9VDIGX1BULK 76p(Exc VAT)91p(Inc VAT)
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AgfaPhoto Alkaline Power batteries provide exceptional value for your everyday appliances. Suitable for all products, AgfaPhoto Alkaline Power batteries are the perfect partner for toys, TV remote controls and your household gadgets.

The AgfaPhoto range of digital alkaline batteries offer exceedingly long life and are mainly used in electronic devices with high power consumption. This high performance AgfaPhoto C digital alkaline battery is ideal for torches, clocks, radios and toys. Take a look through the other sizes available in the AgfaPhoto digital alkaline battery range.


  • Item Code : BTA-9VDIGX1BULK
  • Item : AgfaPhoto 9v Digital Alkaline Battery - Bulk
  • Brand/Model : AgfaPhoto 9V DIGITAL
  • Technology Type : Alkaline
  • Battery Size : 9V/PP3
  • Pack Size : Single Bulk Battery/Pack
  • Voltage : 9.50 volt
  • Weight : 0.200 Kg

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