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Duracell D MN1300 Plus Battery - 2 Pack

Duracell D MN1300 Plus Battery - 2 Pack

Duracell MN1300DURK2 BTD-DPLUX2 £1.50(Exc VAT)£1.80(Inc VAT)
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Duracell plus mn1300 pack of 2 D batteries. make your devices last longer! the uk's no.1 battery brand offers reliable, long lasting power for everyday devices you use most like toys, clocks, radios, remote controls, smoke alarms and torches. with the new and improved formula duracell plus lasts longer, much longer.

D batteries are the most common size of battery used in the UK today. They power a wide range of devices, from audio players and digital cameras to toys and torches. Alkaline technology provides much better value for money than traditional MN1300 Plus batteries, especially with more demanding applications such as CD or MP3 players.

It is specifically designed to be the longest lasting Duracell D MN1300 Plus battery in all devices, and contains new and improved HPC (High Performance Cathode) technology. Every Duracell Ultra battery has a Powercheck Tester, so you always know how much energy is left inside.

Duracell is the world's #1 brand for batteries! These D MN1300 Plus Battery deliver dependable, long-lasting power for your household devices. Duracell D MN1300 Plus Top batteries are frequently used in toys, clocks, radios, remote controls, flashlights, smoke alarms, and many more household items. And Duracell batteries are guaranteed fresh for 7 years!

Alkaline batteries that offer significantly longer life than zinc carbon batteries in non high-drain appliances. Suitable for torches, radios, toys, remote controls, smoke alarms and many other electrical appliances.

Economical, general purpose 1.5V C alkaline battery with a high energy output that are reliable with a long shelf life, and good low temperature performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Value pack of 2 batteries
  • Economical, general purpose 1.5 V D MN1300 Plus batteries
  • High energy output, reliable, long shelf life and good low-temperature performance
  • Duracell Plus now has longer life compared to previous Duracell Plus batteries
  • Ideal for everyday use


  • Item Code : BTD-DPLUX2
  • Item : Duracell D MN1300 Plus Battery - 2 Pack
  • Brand/Model : Duracell MN1300DURK2
  • Technology Type : Alkaline
  • Battery Size : D
  • Pack Size : 2 Pack
  • Voltage : 1.5 volt
  • Capacity : 2300 mAh
  • Weight : 0.280 Kg

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