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Duracell Industrial Alkaline AA Battery - 10 Pack

Duracell Industrial Alkaline AA Battery - 10 Pack

Duracell AAINDX10 5000394131217 BTD-AAINDX10 £2.32(Exc VAT)£2.79(Inc VAT)
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These multi-purpose batteries are ideal for reliably powering everyday devices. Duracell MN1500 batteries give you the freedom to enjoy the use of your appliances by giving you a product you can rely on and are best used when you are looking for reliable, long lasting power in regularly used devices such as, portable games consoles, shavers, remote controls, CD players, motorized toys, flashlights, toothbrushes, etc.

Features & Benefits

  • AA general purpose alkaline batteries
  • High energy output, reliability and long shelf life
  • Duracell now has longer life compared to previous Duracell batteries
  • Long Lasting Power Guaranteed
  • Designed for long lasting performance


  • Item Code : BTD-AAINDX10
  • Item : Duracell Industrial Alkaline AA Battery - 10 Pack
  • Brand/Model : Duracell AAINDX10
  • Technology Type : Alkaline
  • Battery Size : AA
  • Pack Size : 10 Pack
  • Voltage : 1.5 volt
  • Weight : 0.250 Kg

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