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Philips Ultra Alkaline 9 Volt 6LR61 Battery

Philips Ultra Alkaline 9 Volt 6LR61 Battery

Philips 9VUAX1 BTP-9VUAX1 89p(Exc VAT)£1.07(Inc VAT)
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Philips Extreme Batteries provide 30% more power than ordinary alkaline batteries. They are built to supply the power needed by high-drain devices such as portable music players, battery-operated portable speakers, toys, games, digital cameras, hearing aids, digital photo frames, and many more.

Philips Extreme Batteries feature improved alkaline technology for reliable and exceptional device performance. Philips Extreme Batteries also guarantee big savings in the long run with their longer life, thus ensuring that you’ll get your money’s worth.


  • Item Code : BTP-9VUAX1
  • Item : Philips Ultra Alkaline 9 Volt 6LR61 Battery
  • Brand/Model : Philips 9VUAX1
  • Technology Type : Alkaline
  • Battery Size : 9V
  • Pack Size : Single Pack
  • Voltage : 9.50 volt
  • Weight : 0.100 Kg

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