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Duracell Simply AA - 2 Pack

Duracell Simply AA - 2 Pack

Duracell MN1500B2SIMPLY BTD-AASIMX2 71p(Exc VAT)85p(Inc VAT)
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Duracell Simply AA Batteries provide reliable power and performance for your devices whenever, wherever you need it.

Duracell Basic Batteries come in AA and AAA variants, and offer dependable performance even for the most power-consuming applications like camcorders, digital cameras, and a lot more. Enjoy optimum performance from your trusted device day in and day out with our top quality Duracell Basic Batteries.

House of Batteries offers reasonably-priced and high quality Duracell Basic Batteries that suit your budget and needs. So hurry and order a pack now!


  • Item Code : BTD-AASIMX2
  • Item : Duracell Simply AA - 2 Pack
  • Brand/Model : Duracell MN1500B2SIMPLY
  • Battery Size : AA
  • Pack Size : 2 Pack
  • Voltage : 1.5 volt

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